How it all started

Both having worked closely with restaurant and takeaway owners in various ways, ORIN co-founders Can Sonat and Ekin Sigic has become aware of the troubles these businesses withstand to provide a decent online delivery service.

Market needed a player to address some problems:

Percentage and per-order based payments, having restaurants pay for their own customers.

Not being able to control the delivery process, and customer satisfaction.

Not having any say on their own brand positioning.

Heavy traffic monopolisation, hence forcing restaurant owners to become employees in their own enterprises.

So ORIN was born,

With a vision to break the monopoly, not to become one, but to make it easy for every business to have their own online delivery service.

As ORIN, we provide a smooth online delivery system, that comes hand in hand with a penetrating marketing effort, tailored specifically for each restaurant we work with. We let companies use their own branding in their delivery system. provide them with a magic window that connects this system to their existing website.

We offer them professional food photography, thousands of leaflets, effective marketing ways, social media support digital advertisement, basically, anything to raise brand awareness, and drive customers to order.

The Team


Ekin Sigic

Co-Founder / Developer


Can Sonat

Co-Founder / System Admin


Doruk Aktepe

Account Manager


Arda Ulker

Support Specialist

Successful ORIN Partners

We work hard to create the most efficient delivery system.

Bun & Bar


Selale Restaurant

Music & Beans

La’De Kitchen

The Acoustic Brasserie

The Urban Greek

Cappadocia Restaurant Walton

IstanBLU Restaurant

Cafe La Farola

Gallipoli Cafe

Cafe Isarn

The Mesken Bar & Grill

Hatay Restaurant

Cappadocia Restaurant Kingston


Dostlar Grocery Supermarket

Tavola Italian Restaurant


Satisfaction Guarantee

Giving them an opportunity to compete with,
and even break free from market giants.

Your Own Delivery System Without Commissions.


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